In markets, such as oil and gas, isolation and remote working are commonplace. The average time that a remote or field worker spends away from friends and family is up to a staggering 20 weeks a year. With statistics showing that up to 5% of medical evacuations can be as a result of mental disorders, clearly any option to increase the welfare of a remote worker would have a profound impact on the bottom line.

The telecoms and IT divisions that are usually responsible for providing the all important communications, from the remote site back into headquarters, are often focused on providing operational communications and networking - for data, telemetry and corporate communications activities. 

Without a specific revenue that can be associated with staff welfare, the need to provide strong, reliable personal communications for staff can often be overlooked.

Vocality makes it easy for welfare communications, such as voice and video calls, to be fitted alongside those corporate communications - with minimal impact, if any.

Minimal Setup Requirements

There's no requirement for any software to be installed on the staff member's phone, laptop or tablet device.

Our solutions run seamlessly in the background, requiring no local user configuration - minimizing ongoing support and maintenance costs. 



Skype, Web Browsing & Social Media

Fully compatible with the most commonly used applications such as Skype, web browsing and social media, the Vocality solution ensures more staff in remote places can communicate more often with friends and loved ones.

Vocality's smart algorithms can reduce voice bandwidth by up to 65%, providing significant performance gains for web browsing and improved video call quality - all designed to improve communications from the most remote locations.

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