Voice Communications

The voice has been central to Vocality's portfolio since day one. Across all of our products, you will find a broad selection of voice platforms to connect all types of phones to the PSTN, and PBXs.

Welfare Communications

Millions of minutes each year pass through Vocality equipment, connecting soldiers, aid agency workers and logistics specialists with their loved ones back home.

  • Connect PBXs over satellite, with highest bandwidth efficiency
  • Extend POTS circuits over the wide area network
  • Connect to SIP media servers, or to legacy switches with digital E1/T1 connectivity

Secure Voice Communications

Each country has its own approved platforms for secure communications, whether it's data security for commercial or for government highest levels of security. Similarly, many countries have a standardized platform for secure voice. Vocality supports secure phones and fax for many locations, including those by Crypto AG, General Dynamics and others, supporting STU 2B, STU 3 and STE. Through ISDN Extenders, Vocality also supports the UK's BRENT crypto.

Voice Features found through Vocality Products

  • Bandwidth efficient codecs
    • G.723A 5.3K, G729A 8K, G711-a-Law & G711-u- Law
  • Modem, fax and universal relay for non-standard modems/secure
  • Silence suppression
  • SIP support
  • Digital Voice (E1/T1)
  • FXS, FXO, 4 Wire E&M
  • Variable gain
  • Compatible with CISCO Unified Communications Manager and Asterisk

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