Vocality RoIP

Suitable for use in a wide range of markets including emergency services, energy production, military applications and more. The Vocality RoIP provides users with a simple to use, small form factor radio connectivity solution, unlike any in our market today.


Chassis Options

RoIP deploy backpack

As an extended solution the RoIP deploy backpack gives users a reduced weight and power interperoperability communications gateway that weighs less than 10lbs/4.5kgs.

Purpose-built for First Responders, Military Emergency Response Teams, and users in markets such as Government Agencies/Municipalities, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Energy/Utilities, Construction, Transportation and Manufacturing.

  • Highly Portable - Water-repellent coated backpack small enough to fit in airline overhead bins

  • Additional Storage - Pockets for 2 x Radios, Laptop and Smartphones

Video Introduction

Available Downloads 


  • Mining

  • First Response

  • Oil & Gas

  • Humanitarian

  • Emergency Services

  • Event & Campus Security

  • Facilities Management

  • Government & Military

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