Satellite Simulator 3

Satellite usage is expensive – and to combat the cost of using satellite links to develop or validate satellite based network applications, Vocality developed the Simulator 3. The unit provides an environment for the validation of an application or network design, before it’s deployed over a live satellite link. 

The Simulator 3 can create a network environment which represents all the environmental issues that a typical satcom network will present – satellite delay or latency, occasional increases in bit errors and in the IP world of today, restricted QoS and packet loss. Network attached devices such as routers, multiplexers, data cryptos and codecs can all benefit from testing within a controlled environment before live deployment over satellite. 

The Simulator 3 is presented with one IP port at either end, and one serial port at either end. Further IP ports can be added to create a multi-port environment, and the unit is configured – like all other Vocality products – using the M & C interface or Telnet. Serial Simulation Mode is available on all units. IP Simulation Mode requires a Feature Key to operate.


Chassis Options

Available Downloads 


  • Mining

  • First Response

  • Oil & Gas

  • Humanitarian

  • Emergency Services

  • Event & Campus Security

  • Facilities Management

  • Government & Military

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