Network Router - Range

Across the BASICS and PRO ranges, Vocality supports network routing with a broad range of protocols, security features and switching functionality. For some devices, the routers are standalone devices, and in others, they combine voice, radio or data functionality.

Core to Vocality's Network Routers is its operating system - VOS. This is Vocality's own software, which, like CISCO's IOS contains all the functionality for edge and central network routing.

VOS includes additional capabilities that make it ideally suited to tactical and satellite applications. 

  • IPv4 routing 
  • Routing protocols:
    • BGP, OSPF, RIPv2 
  • DHCP server / client 
  • QoS/Bandwidth pool management 
  • Static routes 
  • Network security: IPSec, SSH 
  • Optimisation:
    • SIP gateway (bandwidth optimised)
    • RTP optimisation
    • Packet aggregation (IP multiplexing)
    • TCP PEP acceleration (optional) 
  • IP aggregates 
  • Policy based routing 
  • UDP relay 
  • Spanning tree 
  • SNMPv3 MIB II reporting 
  • VLAN tagging 
  • Jitter buffer optimisation 
  • SIP Enhanced services, including SIP proxy and registration 

Suggested Products

All Vocality devices can have routing activated, so BASICS Radio Relay or BASICS Voice, for example, can have network routing enabled.