DTech Labs

Founded in 2001, DTECH LABS provides a range of deployable and tactical communications products and solutions to meet the diverse mission requirements of our Military, Government, First-Responder and Civilian customer base. Our products reflect an emphasis on mobility, reliable design and any-place/any-time operations. Our core focus is on designing and integrating man-transportable communications solutions that offer a high degree of modularity, for redundancy and on-the-fly configuration, integrated power/UPS capabilities, for anywhere operations, and the ability to communicate over any available network technology (including IP over Satellite, Cellular, Radio, ISDN and IP broadband/baseband networks). 

Located in our own secure facility, we also offer advanced engineering solutions that enable us to take "out of the box" requirements and design/integrate the best available technologies into semi-custom Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) solutions. Our products and solutions are utilized around the world by forward-deployed forces, tactical first-in responders and executive travel teams in the most remote and demanding environments, providing reliable secure, mobile communications. 

Our customers and clients include both government, military and intelligence community elite, and our products can be found in the most demanding national and international environments.