Voice Optimisation (PACE+)

Packet Aggregation for Communications Efficiency

For many years, Vocality has offered PACE in its core hardware products. Now, in enhance, Vocality combines SCPS acceleration with PACE+, an enhanced form of PACE for satellite VoIP optimization and performance enhancement of all types of media.


PACE+ functionality optimizes specific traffic types, when they are detected to flow between a pair of Vocality Gateway Nodes. (If the traffic only passes through a single Gateway Node there will be no optimization.) You can configure the tunnel carrying this optimized traffic centrally, using the Push Config Plus management feature of an Vocaltiy Gateway Solution Manager. Packet boundaries are not maintained when this sort of optimization is applied.

Packet Aggregation for Communication Efficiency (PACE) has been a feature in all VOS7 and VOS8 software, used in Vocality's BASICS and PRO products.

RTP Optimization

PACE enhances RTP voice and video over IP aggregate tunnels between Vocality devices. PACE can achieve a level of optimisation which provides more than 40% bandwidth saving for 4 current G729 VoIP calls. PACE features include header compression, codec filtering, jitter buffering, G.729.B small sample filtering and packet aggregation.

PACE+, which is included in all Vocality Gateway Software, and VOS software from VOS08_12_xx or VOS08_52_xx onwards, offers even greater levels of optimization. PACE+ operates on both IPv4 and IPv6 network flows.

Bandwidth Reduction

If you implement PACE+ using the Gateway Suite Solution Manager software, you have a highly scalable solution, which can accommodate the potentially high computational demands of terminating and processing PACE+ tunnels from your network of remote Vocality units. In some very large networks this far exceeds the capabilities of a single Vocality V200 hub unit, which is limited to around 800 sites and 200,000 sessions.

Satellite VoIP Optimization

One of the typical applications for PACE and PACE+ is to increase the number of concurrent voice calls that can be made over satellite. Vocality's 20 year experience of working with mobile and fixed satellite operators makes it the perfect partner to bring down the cost of your VoIP deployments.