OPUS Suite

OPUS Suite is a family of software products designed to offer the best in network optimization and acceleration. The modular application-based design of the software delivers great flexibility and future scope for a wide range of additional software applications.

The software is fully compatible with standard commercially available computing hardware, and can be embedded in to your own platforms via the API and SDK.

Available Modules

OPUS Enhance Module

OPUS enhance allows customers to achieve network acceleration and optimization from a single software solution. Our advanced technology ensures data is transmitted efficiently, voice calls are clear and video transmissions remain smooth and jitter free. The software unifies our voice optimization and TCP acceleration technologies into a single solution. 

OPUS enhance includes our latest generation of PACE, called PACE+. PACE+ optimizes voice and video traffic significantly reducing the amount of bandwidth required.

OPUS Secure Module

OPUS secure provides customers with increased levels of security for network traffic. It includes technologies such as tunnelling, encryption, NAT traversal plus a large range of IP protocols. OPUS secure ensures that organizations can be assured that their data and voice traffic remains secure.

OPUS Multi-Bearer Module*

OPUS multi-bearer is a smart rules-based autonomous module that interfaces directly with a number of wireless and wired technologies including 3G, satellite, Wi-Fi and ethernet WAN. Users define the bearer priority, for example faster or most cost-effective bearer routes. OPUS multi-bearer intelligently selects the most suitable bearer based on availability and the customer-defined requirements.

*This feature is currently available on ELITE Fusion & ELITE Access

Third Party Embedded Devices

OPUS can be integrated directly into third-party devices including field-deployed equipment, IP cameras, satellite modems and terminals. OPUS includes a range of
API / SDK features to enable a rapid route to market for OPUS embedded partners.

Available Downloads