OPUS Enhance Module

OPUS enhance allows you to achieve the best in network acceleration and optimization from a single software solution. Our advanced technology ensures data is transmitted efficiently, voice calls are clear and video transmissions remain smooth and jitter free.

The software unifies PACE+ voice optimization and TCP acceleration technologies into a single solution. The simple-to-use OPUS interface has been designed to reduce training requirements, maximize user experience and be accessible by commonly used web browsers.

Voice and Video Optimization

Our voice and video technology, PACE+, optimizes specific traffic types for voice and video. The intelligent technology automatically detects voice and video traffic and applies optimization where required. 

  • Reduces voice traffic bandwidth by up to 65%
  • Jitter mitigation for better video and voice quality over high latency links such as satellite
  • Suitable for VoIP calls over wirless network including satellite, 3G & 4G LTE
  • Compatible with leading telephone systems manfcaturers including Cisco & Avaya
  • Buffering features can help improve live video streaming clarity

TCP Acceleration for faster downloads

Accelerate data transfers over TCP connections decreasing download times and improving the user experince.

  • Increases download speeds by up to 10x
  • Industry standard SCPS compatibility 
  • Ideal for use over satellite connections

DNS Caching

Improve user browsing speeds and reduce bandwidth

  • Local database stores most frequent internet requests
  • Cached information delivered faster to users
  • Reduces bandwidth by using locally cached data for user interner requests 

A typical OPUS Enhance dashboard showing live performance metrics, event management and network statistic.