Alert: Raytheon NXU-2A, ARA, ACU-1000 and the ACU-2000 Alternative Available


Users of the former Raytheon NXU-2a, ARA, ACU-1000 and ACU-2000 should be aware that Vocality can offer alternative off-the-shelf solutions.

Vocality has a strong commitment to RoIP plus a future roadmap containing many new developments in this area.

We have extensive experience in RoIP projects and welcome the opportunity to discuss any potential migration or support programs you may have.

Email our team in the United States office for further information -


Network diagram showing local RoIP gateway connectivity, that BASICS Radio Relay can easily be configured to achieve, as an alternative to former Raytheon's NXU-2a or ACU-1000. Extending RoIP over satellite or terrestrial IP is also easy to deliver, using Vocality's WAN connectivity with PACE for bandwidth optimization.