Vocality Release Compact Team Communication Product

Vocality are pleased to announce the release of the updated ELITE Fusion, a comprehensive portable communication product. The ELITE Fusion has undergone a significant software rebuild from the ground up and now runs on Vocality’s OPUS software platform.

The ELITE Fusion is the ultimate device for all your team’s secure remote communication, providing voice, video and data across a broad range of technologies, including push-to-talk radio, cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite in a single easy to use device.

The built-in touchscreen provides users with basic configuration options; allowing them to select the network they wish to use and, where required, enter username or password information (for instance a hotel Wi-Fi password) to gain access to the public network and on to their head office network.

ELITE Fusion is fully compatible with a wide range of industry leading PBX and dispatch systems, including Motorola WAVE, Asterisk, Cisco, Avaya and many more. 

The ELITE Fusion represents the best of Vocality in a single, comprehensive, portable communications solution. The updated software provides an improved user experience, a rich feature set and a rock solid platform for further product enhancements
— Zoe Yates, Director of Product Management at Vocality

Intelligent network detection provides the ability for the ELITE Fusion to automatically detect available networks within range and connect using available networks, based on user priority. Administrators can define network priority, ensuring that the most suitable network is used and connectivity costs are kept to a minimum. If a network connection fails, the ELITE Fusion will automatically connect to the next available network type as defined by the administrator. If secure tunnels are being used the ELITE Fusion will also re-establish the secure connection automatically. Remote connectivity issues are reduced with users often unaware that the unit is switching between networks based on availability and administrator defined priority. 

Security comes as standard with the ELITE Fusion. The device supports a wide range of industry standard IPSec tunnelling protocols and encryption algorithms, and is also compatible with many of the government-supplied encryption devices.

Optimization and acceleration of traffic is also included, offering up to 65% bandwidth reduction on voice traffic and accelerating data download by up to 10x over high latency, low bandwidth links, such as satellite and some cellular networks. 

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