Vocality Helps C4i Provide Man-Portable Communication Solution

The C-Reach (MP) from C4i Systems is a compact communication solution that provides voice, video, radio and data across a range of wireless technologies including satellite. 

The hardened but compact device requires just 10 watts of power and supports a wide voltage input range of 9 – 80vDC, allowing the unit to be easily powered from a range of sources including vehicles, battery and solar whilst on the move.

Simple to use and requiring no specialist training, the C-REACH (MP) automatically requests an IP address from any IP connected network, establishing a highly secure communication tunnel with little or no user interaction.

The integrated Vocality radio hardware and software ensures the C-REACH (MP) can support devices from the widest range of radio manufacturers, offering users a unified network regardless of radio brand, frequency or technology. Radios can be connected directly to the C-REACH (MP) enabling networks to be easily extended across multiple locations, using satellite communication to transmit and receive radio traffic. 

C4i systems is extremely happy with both the quality of OEM products and technical support provided in helping us integrate Vocality products into our solutions. Vocality has been a great support to us in making our C-REACH Solution concept a proven and delivered capability.
— John Walker, Managing Director, C4i Systems

The radio system can be easily integrated alongside a wide range of radio dispatch systems including Motorola Solutions WAVE, Intercom’s VCOM and Mutualink’s IWS, allowing connectivity across an extensive range of devices including standard telephones and cellular smartphones.

Voice Optimization and Data Acceleration are available as software upgrades. These cost saving features can provide customers with bandwidth reductions of up to 65% and can help lower ongoing network connectivity costs.

The integrated analogue COAX video interface allows users to connect their camera of choice, including body mounted, CCTV and thermal imaging cameras for onward transmission anywhere in the world. The video system is fully compatible with a number of leading Video Management Systems including Milestone Systems, Genetec, Vista qulu, plus many more.

C-REACH (MP) is available with a wide range of connectivity options. The solution comes with a single analogue composite video input as standard along with a single radio input. It can also be customised to accommodate specific user requirements and is available with up to 4 radio inputs. 


Key Features

  • 9 – 80VDC input power range
  • Easily connect radios from a broad range of manufactures and frequencies
  • Connect a wide range of COAX based cameras including body warn & thermal cameras
  • Support for laptops and other network devices
  • Optimization & Acceleration features available 
  • Designed to easily integrate into man packs
We are delighted to provide C4i Systems with the smallest, lightest and most powerful Radio/IP communication subsystem possible. Portability is key to Man-Pack systems and we are pleased to offer our low Size, Weight and Power products as part of the C-REACH solutions.
— Peter Slade, VP OEM Sales, Vocality

About C4i Systems

Established in 2010, our core business concentrates on bespoke solutions and customised products that help our clients in the defence, security and commercial sectors worldwide. Located in a purpose built secure facility in Hereford, we boast modern laboratory and development facilities along with a spacious vehicle workshop, allowing us to undertake the R&D process in house.