VOS 8.13 Released

Vocality Announce the Release of VOS 8.13


This latest update to the Vocality Operating System includes a number of exciting new features including:

OPUS PACE+ functionality on VOS
OPUS is Vocality's new family of software-only products designed to offer the best in network optimisation and acceleration. Your unit running VOS software will now act as an OPUS Node, for the purposes of PACE+ traffic optimisation. It optimises voice traffic, reducing the amount of bandwidth required further than the earlier PACE optimisation.

Added support for Cisco & Ayava telephone systems
Your Vocality unit now supports full SIP interworking with Cisco Call Manager Express (CCME) and Avaya IP Office. There have been improvements to SIP Registration and Authentication.

New RTP filtering feature
Allows G711 received packets containing 'silence' to be discarded. This is of particular use when interworking with devices which do not implement silence suppression, such as Asterisk.

The software is now available for all Vocality hardware platforms*. To obtain a copy of the software please contact our support team

Click below to download full release notes.

*Excludes models that have been discontinued