Limited Offer - 50% Simulator 3 Discount

Limited Offer - 50% Simulator 3 Discount

Order any BASICS or PRO series product and receive 50% discount on a Satellite Link Simulator 3*.

Satellite usage is expensive – to combat this expense Vocality has developed the Simulator 3. The satellite simulator provides an environment for the validation of applications and network design, without the need for a live satellite link.

The Simulator 3 is a network latency simulator. It can create a network environment which represents all the environmental issues that a typical satcom network will present – satellite delay or latency, occasional increases in bit errors and in the IP world of today, restricted QoS and packet loss. Network attached devices such as routers, multiplexers, data cryptos and codecs can all benefit from testing within a controlled environment before live deployment over satellite.


  • Serial or IP WAN simulation
  • Satellite delay or latency up to 10 seconds
  • Synchronous serial rates up to 5.12Mbps
  • Linear/Random/Gaussian error injection
  • Flexible clocking modes
  • Packet duplication, discarding, re-sequencing
  • Independent simplex simulation streams
  • Multiple simulation profiles
  • Simulation scripting
  • LED indicators for activity/status
  • Diagnostic modes

Example Applications

  • Training: Show users how communications can be different across satellite networks in a classroom environment
  • R&D: Test the resiliency or your network in repeatable work-case scenario conditions
  • Field Testing: Troubleshoot your network's performance

*One simulator per customer. Offer ends 30th September 2015.
Terms and conditions apply.

Email or visit the Simulator 3 page for more information.