Vocality outlines its exciting 2015 plans

Next Generation Platform for Your Networks

It’s the New Year, and we have an amazing 2015 planned, where our organization leads the introduction of optimization and acceleration technology for your platform. 

Vocality  – In The Beginning

Vocality in the early days was about producing telecoms multiplexers that combined voice and data together in an efficient manner. We were working over satellite modems from the likes of Paradise Datacom and EF Data. Our early clients were primarily satellite users, often with fixed links but occasionally with trucks or flyaways. They would install a 1 or 2U device into a rack and lug it out onto the road.

Vocality – the Mobility Years: Size, Weight and Power

The world was migrating to IP, with Inmarsat BGAN, Thuraya and VSAT modems like Gilat, iDirect and so on. Our products migrated to IP, with voice over IP, radio over IP and network routers capable of driving demanding applications in both fixed and mobile applications. With smaller satellite modems came the need for smaller kit, but the pressures for bandwidth efficiency continued. As more bandwidth becomes available, the more user applications expand to fill the available space. 

At the end of the day, bandwidth still costs meaning efficiency remains king.

Vocality's Latest Field-Deployable Secure Comms Package - ELITE Fusion


Vocality – Our Virtual Future

In 2015, we moved to our third logical phase in Vocality and the gateway to a world of new and interesting opportunities for Vocality, our partners and our customers. Since the early days, Vocality has primarily been a hardware device manufacturer. We have a reputation for stellar customer service, and flexible R&D to meet the demands of the most taxing applications.

While we have been continuing our growth in communications, Vocality has been developing a concept called OPUS.

OPUS is a central framework that opens Vocality up to a broad range of applications – some developed in house and some by third parties, interfacing to our APIs and working within the OPUS software structure. The first OPUS module is called OPUS Enhance.

OPUS Enhance is based on Linux, but is built on a portable codebase so it can find itself transplanted into a whole world of devices - satellite modems, tablets or smartphones, handheld satellite phones or powerful HP servers.


OPUS Enhance brings together industry standard optimization, packet aggregation, de-jittering, caching, SCPS-TP acceleration and compression into a clean, easy to deploy and scalable platform. Users will experience a gorgeous GUI, and a roadmap that ties together our experience in media optimization, such as Radio over IP, Voice over IP and network routing.

OPUS Enhance - Mid-Development Screen

OPUS Enhance - Mid-Development Screen

OPUS Enhance can sit on your existing network, alongside your CISCO kit, voice switches and WAN devices. It can be installed on existing servers or on Single Board Computers. Systems integrators can install it alongside existing software in their tactical kits. However you use it, OPUS will be bringing savings and stability to your network applications, be it browsing, downloading, Skype, voice apps or video conferencing.

We will be demonstrating OPUS Enhance at Satellite 2015 in March, in Washington DC. Satellite has been our home for many first demonstrations, going back to 15 years or so, so it seems fitting to show you all the fruits of our labors at this key SATCOM event.

Vocality does not see the end of the evolution of our hardware platforms. We continue to develop these products and customer demand has never been so strong.  Expect to see more announcements in the months to come. 

We can’t wait to see you at the show, and during 2015, we will keep you informed about OPUS Enhance as we near formal release.