VOS Major Software Update Released

VOS 08_08_02 is a major VOS8 software release for all platforms. It includes all new features from earlier releases, as described in earlier feature bulletins. 

New Features

The following main features have been added in this release: 

Changed factory defaults

  • All units now default to allow access on one port via Telnet and HTTP, so that your unit can be controlled straight from a factory default, using either the M&C or web interface. 

BASICS Radio Relay simplified interface 

  • When a BASICS Radio Relay is intended to interface with a media server, rather than a Vocality network, you can now select a new 'Standalone' mode. This will simplify the set of menus presented. 

Audio level monitoring

  • With this feature you can actively monitor the peak audio level received on a port, which you can then use to adjust radio levels throughout your system for an improved user experience. 

SIP/RTP enhancements

  • VOS now includes support for G723 and G726 protocols and for larger packet sizes. RTP PEP can now be configured through the menus 

Click here to download the Features Bulletin.