New GUI for Radio to SIP Gateway

New GUI for Radio to SIP Gateway

Setting up a push to talk radio to SIP VoIP gateway is now much easier with the release of Vocality's update, released this month. BASICS Radio Relay allows LMR radios to connect into:

  • Cell phones & PTT smartphone or tablet apps
  • VoIP phones  (eg. connecting radio networks into VoIP systems)
  • Media servers for disaster scenario management
  • And to other radio networks, for cross network connectivity

DTMF Support

The latest updates to BASICS Radio Relay bring the ability to extend DTMF tones across IP, allowing radios to have real dialling capability. This allows radios to seemlessly connect into SIP switches such as Asterisk.

Unicast and Multicast Support

Vocality Radio over IP functionality now supports Multicast and Unicast RTP streaming without the need for SIP signalling. This allows quicker connections, greater bandwidth efficiency and more flexibility in the connectivity options for Radio Relay. Application notes are available.

Vocality's devices are manufactured in the UK and are ITAR free. They are used in some of the best tactical and commercial systems from leading systems integrators worldwide. If you are interested in BASICS Radio Relay, contact your reseller or emailing