Multiplexing Voice and Data Services

Communications Multiplexed over IP Services

Vocality comes from a heritage of producing bandwidth efficient multiplexer solutions - mux units that provide the full range of user facing connectivity, while managing the bandwidth used in muxing the services between locations.

All the PROFESSIONAL devices use VOS as their core operating system, which means that each of these devices offers the latest in bandwidth efficient network routing, as well as network security and QoS management.

The four variations that are available - portable V25 and V50plus and rackmount V150 and V200 - each voice and data mux offers a different layout and density of ports such as voice, ethernet, serial data or ISDN. However, as they all operate the same software, their management interface is nearly identical and they are all interoperable.

The communications interfaces provided include:-

  • Multiple dedicated network routers and bandwidth optimizers
  • 2 wire FXS telephone interfaces
  • 2 wire FXO telephone interfaces
  • 4 wire talkback or RoIP interfaces
  • High speed serial data interfaces (up to 10Mbps each)
  • Async data interfaces
  • Basic Rate ISDN (2B+D) data interfaces
  • Primary Rate ISDN for digital voice interfaces
  • SIP based VoIP interfaces

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