Vocality's maritime offerings extend back to 1997 with the provision of ISDN services onto aircraft carriers and the provision of services above and blow the surface.

Several naval fleets in Europe and beyond have Vocality as their core communications provider, delivering:-

  • Crew and secure voice circuits via VoIP, E1/T1 and POTS
  • Optimized router traffic
  • ISDN - both primary and basic rate
  • Serial data for legacy cryptos and services

Vocality have also worked with many of the tactical primes in the provision of customized platforms that are suitable for specific needs - including specific data handling requirements, dynamic time division multiplexing, support for certain cryptos or integration into space-restricted enclosures.

Multivoice via Inmarsat

Vocality was a development partner in the FleetBroadband Multivoice service. We offer a single, easy to deploy device called BASICS Multivoice that can connect onto most Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals.

View the video below.

All Vocality products are suitable for use in maritime environments, given the required operating conditions.