Legacy Products

The following products are now end of life:

  • BASICS Voice

  • BASICS Hybrid

  • BASICS Radio Relay


  • V50 Plus

  • V150

  • V200

  • PC/104 Modules

  • Satellite Simulator 3

These products will be supported until February 2022. See below for more details on the individual products.


Versatile, feature rich voice gateway, with either FXS interfaces for regular handheld phone connectivity, or FXO interfaces for PBX connectivity.


BASICS Hybrid is the smallest all-in-one solution for getting almost everything over an IP network.

BASICS Radio Relay

This RoIP gateway is compatible with a wide range of push to talk radios - from a single port device to up to 12 ports in a single chassis


BASICS IP Router is a VSAT router, designed for mobile, tactical and embedded networks that require IP routing, WAN optimisation and network security capabilities.

V50 Plus

Ideal for systems integration into flyaways, or for mobility applications where the power and capability of the larger PROFESSIONAL products is required.


As a 1RU rackmount device, V150 offers the optimum combination of both option module flexibility and redundancy services.


V200 is a 3RU rackmount chassis supporting the wide range of PRO option cards including multiple routers and digital voice for gateway sites. 

PC/104 Modules

All of Vocality's BASICS modules can be provided in PC/104 format, which means they are designed to the industrial standard for small, integrated boards.

Satellite Simulator 3

The unit provides an environment for the validation of an application or network design, before it’s deployed over a live satellite link.