Our innovative solutions provide the best communications possible, without borders, across technologies
– despite all challenges.


Radio Over IP (RoIP)
Easy connect Push-to-Talk radio's to IP and cellular networks with our palm sized radio gateway.

How can the Vocality RoIP help you?
Whether you are a first responder or commercial you can rely on us to provide PTT over Cellular interoperability.

Helping The Bahamas

The Cubic | Vocality radio over IP (RoIP) gateway recently helped provide Global DIRT disaster response with Radio and internet connectivity, allowing team coordination between different sites in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian.

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Cubic Mission Solutions

Cubic | Vocality Is part of Cubic Mission Solutions, a market-leading technology provider of integrated solutions that increase situational understanding and operational effectiveness for first responders and C4ISR users worldwide.

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Cubic | Vocality Launch RoIP Connect

Cubic | Vocality has launched a new expansion module for the Vocality Radio over IP (RoIP). The RoIP Connect is a simple-to-use and easy-to-install expansion module that adds an additional four audio ports, four serial ports and a general-purpose input/output (GPIO) to the Vocality RoIP through a single USB connection.

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Cubic | Vocality Helps C4i Provide Man-Portable Communication Solution

The integrated Vocality radio hardware and software ensures the C-REACH (MP) can support devices from the widest range of radio manufacturers, offering users a unified network regardless of radio brand, frequency or technology.

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