ELITE Reactor



The ELITE reactor is based on the Vocality BASICS range. These provide a converged voice and data solution over IP based networks. Both Vocality BASICS and the high grade HAIPE crypto are built with deployable and tactical environments in mind. The ELITE reactor can deliver optimized, efficient communications whether used alone or within a Vocality network. This compact, lightweight unit is packed full of features suitable for flexible mobile deployments. Initially designed for UK MoD and government agencies, its small size makes it ideal for covert/special ops requirements. 

ELITE reactor is a transportable device, combining the secure IP capabilities of a leading small form factor UK high grade HAIPE crypto and Vocality’s tactical router and voice products. Vocality BASICS IP and BASICS Voice, embedded into the ELITE reactor, ensure voice and IP services up to and including TS can be provided within a single, compact and rugged Tempest housing. Variants available for use with AC or DC power supply. The DC variant has two ports for DC power input supporting dual supply and seamless switching.


Certified to TEMPEST Test Standard SDIP-27 Level A 10 May 2011


Chassis Options

Available Downloads 


  • Mining
  • First Response
  • Oil & Gas
  • Humanitarian
  • Emergency Services
  • Event & Campus Security
  • Facilities Management
  • Government & Military 

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