ELITE Access

The perfect travel companion for users of commercially sensitive or restricted computer devices.  

Key Features

  • Connect restricted or commercially sensitive devices to public networks.
  • No requirement to reconfigure restricted computers.
  • Simple to user touchscreen interface.
  • Connect to cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite & fixed line networks.
  • Automatic network switching



The ELITE Access comes with industry standard tunneling and encryption technologies, and also supports government level encryption devices where required.

Whatever level of security your organization requires, the ELITE Access will ensure your network traffic remains confidential. 

The Elite Access security features are fully compatible with industry leading router manufacturers. 



Cellular, Wi-Fi and fixed line connectivity are built directly into the ELITE Access allowing secure connectivity across multiple public networks.

The smart network switching feature constantly checks network availability. Should a network link fail the unit will automatically switch to another network, often without any disruption to users. 

Satellite terminals can be connected directly to ELITE Access where required.

Efficient and Unified

The in-built voice optimization and acceleration algorithms can provide significant savings over satellite and cellular networks by reducing voice traffic by up to 65% and improving download speeds by a factor of 10.

A unified design means users require a single device for all their secure communication needs whilst on the move.

The ELITE Access is so compact it can fit easily into a standard laptop bag alongside the user's laptop. 

Standard Functionality

Product Demontrations

Example System Schematic


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