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Capabilities Overview

Vocality's range of solutions is very broad and extends into a wide number of vertical sectors. Here's a selection of key capabilities that are frequently deployed by Vocality's users worldwide.

  • Secure Comms
    • Dejitter secure analog and SIP over SATCOM or cellular connection
    • Physically separate, multi-purpose secure enclaves
  • Communications Connectivity
    • Connecting Radio over IP (RoIP) devices into SIP based VoIP
    • Connecting digital and analogue telephony into IP infrastructure
  • Situational Awareness
    • Passing sensor data across SATCOM, cellular and wireless networks
    • Extending mesh-networks over SATCOM, cellular and wireless networks
  • Video Streaming
    • Mitigating video jitter and green-screening across SATCOM, cellular, and WiFi for streaming and VTCs
  • Size, Weight, and Power
    • Highest port/channel density in the industry
    • Low power at 2A
    • Size as small as a PC-104 card
  • Limited Bandwidth
    • Multiplexing IP to increase throughput up to 200%
    • Packet compression and aggregation to reduce loss through modems and encryption devices
  • Serial Control
    • Optional SYNC / ASYNC serial support
  • Interoperable Comms
    • Register with IPPBX (Cisco or Asterisk)
  • Testing
    • Simulating Satellite conditions in a controlled environment
    • Training on SATCOM networks without using air-time
    • Stressing networks in “worse-than-real-life” conditions