BASICS Multivoice

BASICS Multivoice is designed to enhance the current range of FleetBroadband terminals to make them compatible with Inmarsat's reduced cost voice platform. The device interfaces to the switched digital or analogue voice service presented on FleetBroadband terminals, and adds three more voice circuits, all operating within the FleetBroadband low cost voice service from Inmarsat.

Compatible with FleetBroadband terminals, with the firmware enabled to support Inmarsat Multi-voice for FleetBroadband.

  • Thrane (Cobham)
  • JRC
  • Satlink
  • AddValue
  • Furuno

For use with terminals FB150 (restrictions may apply), FB250 and FB500.

Technical Details

  • 8 analogue voice FXS ports (for analogue phone handsets)
  • 1 analogue voice FXO port (for connection to single circuit-switched analogue voice)
  • 1 ISDN port (for connection to single circuit-switched digital voice)
  • Compatible with Inmarsat's multiple voice service on FleetBroadband
  • Designed for maritime applications

BASICS Multivoice is a 4 or 8 port POTS voice interface for FleetBroadband terminals, providing DTMF dialling call progress and ringtones to the user while integrating seamlessly into the Inmarsat infrastructure and call billing system. The unit is compact, durable and built to be deployed with mobile satellite terminals. It is compatible with all Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals.

"Multi-voice for FleetBroadband" is the service from Inmarsat, delivering multiple voice services over FleetBroadband terminals from Cobham, JRC, Satlink, AddValue and Furuno.