About Vocality

Vocality is a British designer and manufacturer of secure critical communication solutions. We provide Push-to-talk radio, telephone, video and data over a broad range of technologies, including cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite networks.

As part Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS), Vocality helps provide networked Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities for defence, intelligence, security and commercial missions.

Since 1995 our talented development team has constantly found new ways of enhancing communication that set us apart. We inspire trust from a global client base of the highest order; government, defence, emergency services, aid agencies and distinguished media agencies. 

Regardless of whether your needs are tactical or commercial, and no matter what tight corner of the world you find yourself in, our diverse and unique product capabilities give you the tools to communicate with conviction and clarity.

Vocality is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cubic Corporation.

Vocality's Markets and Users - At A Glance

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Our Strengths

Acceleration and Optimization

Acceleration and optimization lie at the very heart of Vocality, for over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most efficient networks regardless of infrastructure, technology or borders. Our PACE+, PEP and SCPS technology ensures that data is transmitted efficiently, voice calls are clear and video transmissions remain smooth and jitter free.

Our products are designed to support multiple connectivity types including low bandwidth, high latency networks such as satellite and radio. Customers report significant efficiency and performance gains with a Vocality enhanced network.


We fully understand that you want your data to be secure and that levels of security can vary depending on your organization. Vocality solutions are compatible with a wide range of security solutions. These can be embedded directly into our product utilizing the latest IPSec protocols with AES algorithms, or via integration with customer-supplied encryption devices, such as those used in government and military applications.

Unified Communications

Customers often have multiple connectivity types, ranging from fixed line such as ISDN, ADSL and PSTN through to mobile, satellite and push-to-talk radio systems. This can mean using products from numerous vendors to provide connectivity. Vocality is different and interfaces with all these technologies, providing you with a single managed solution that allows connectivity regardless of location.


From server rooms to remote location vehicles and all the way through
to backpacks, we have a range of solutions designed to provide the lowest Size, Weight and Power possible. We offer both hardware and software- only products allowing our customers to find the best solution to meet their needs. 

Organization Details

People are, like in any organization, key to Vocality's success. Split between its UK head office and its sales and support office in near Washington DC, Vocality employs nearly 40 people - about a third of which are involved in innovative R&D activities, creating a strong intellectual property portfolio for the organization.


Quality Certification

Vocality has an Integrated Management System, which addresses Quality and Information Security management.

This has been approved by LRQA as meeting the requirements of
ISO 9001:2008