RoIP Connect

The RoIP Connect is a simple to use and easy to install expansion module for the Vocality RoIP. Each RoIP Connect adds an additional four audio ports, four serial ports and six GPIOs to the Vocality RoIP via a single USB connection.

No additional cabling or power sources are required, simply attach the RoIP Connect via the supplied USB cable to a Vocality RoIP for increased capacity.

RoIP Connect used with Vocality RoIP

RoIP Connect used with Vocality RoIP

  • Plug-and-Play Expansion
    When connected to the Vocality RoIP, the RoIP Connect will be automatically detected and all newly added ports will be displayed in the RoIP management interface. 

  • No Additional Power Required 
    No additional power sources or network cabling are required, simply connect up to two RoIP Connects to a Vocality RoIP for increased capacity. 

  • Expanded Audio Ports 
    Expand your RoIP solution up to 12 ports quickly and easily.

Video Introduction

Configuration Examples

Further information

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  • Mining

  • First Response

  • Oil & Gas

  • Humanitarian

  • Emergency Services

  • Event & Campus Security

  • Facilities Management

  • Government & Military

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