Radio over LTE

Today LTE is becoming the dominant standard for broadband data communication in public mobile radio, and is rapidly being accepted as the standard for the future evolution of radio, including TETRA for the emergency services.

LTE provides the ability for increased levels of functionality via the radio handset, this can include Voice (VoLTE), Push-To-Talk mobile apps, live mapping, video streaming and many other services.

Vocality offer a range of solutions that provide the ability to connect a wide range of legacy and modern Push-To-Talk radios from multiple manufactures and frequencies to an LTE based system. Our products provide radio connectivity to a number of leading dispatch systems including Motorola WAVE, MutualLink and VCOM, allowing radio users to connect easily with landlines and cellular phones.

Example LTE System Topology

Emergency Services Networks (ESN) provide communications for services including police, fire and ambulance services. These mission critical systems require a highly robust system that can address the specific communication needs of emergency services. Today, technologies such as TETRA and P25 are often used as these networks provide a set of features that were not previously supported in commercial cellular systems, however cellular network providers are investing heavily in new 4G LTE sites and deploying highly resilient new core systems to deliver ground-breaking critical communications networks for use by the Emergency Services.


Example Emergency Services LTE System Topology


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