Military & Security

Communications is critical to an effective campaign. Time and time again, Vocality has demonstrated how a reliable, clear and efficient comms platform brings efficiency and effectiveness to the deployed team.

Since its first system provision for a radar platform in 1996, Vocality has allow forces to communicate worldwide.

Case Study

Vocality have been working with a UK government department assisting them in deploying a secure “on-the-move” comms network to help improve communications when their teams are working in remote, comms starved locations.

Vocality’s customer was using a legacy network where components were becoming obsolete, expensive to run with point to point, bandwidth limited capacity only. Vocality have provided the customer with the capability to connect to multiple network bearers such as WiFi, 3G, Satellite and ADSL to communicate vital encrypted information back to their Central Site.

Vocality’s ELITE Fusion with its multi-bearer capability, and BASICS Hybrid’s capability to interface to analogue and serial links, were chosen due to their size weight and power (SWAP) for the remote users in the field.

This, coupled with Vocality’s built in Optimisation capability for improving the quality of IP calls from remote locations, together with savings on bandwidth usage also provided the customer with significant cost advantages.

Radio Gateways

One of the success stories of recent years is Vocality's extensive support for connecting radio networks into IP infrastructure. This can include connecting Harris, Motorola, Codan and Thales into media switches such as Twisted Pair from Motorola, CISCO VoIP or commercial switch platforms.

PC/104 Boards

All of the BASICS boards from Vocality are available in a module PC/104 form factor. This means they can be easily integrated into hand portable tactical kits, all the way up to TEMPEST certified communications platforms.

PC/104 boards available include radio relay, network routing, optimization, POTS and VoIP telephony. Many defence primes and regional systems integrator use Vocality's PC/104 BASICS boards in their kits - whether you are aware of it or not!

Tactical Go-Anywhere Comms

Outside the United States, the options for well designed mobile communications systems are somewhat limited. To address an immediate need for multi-bearer communications, combined with encryption platforms, Vocality developed ELITE Fusion, ELITE Access and ELITE Reactor.

Secure Voice

Platforms such as BASICS Voice, and all the Pro products support secure voice including those used by UK MoD, NATO, DoD and worldwide. The secure voice services are not easily supported by commercial routers such as CISCO - a specific area of expertise Vocality has and continues to have.

Major Router Platforms

Some of our larger Vocality users combine all their serial data, IP data, ISDN, E1/T1, IP, voice and RoIP traffic into single chassis for ease of management and connectivity. This can be achieved with two devices - the V150 and the V200 - detailed here.