Aero (Unmanned)

  • Dejittering streamed surveillance video
  • Passing environment and other sensor data over serial links
  • Either, reducing the bandwidth required or increasing the quality of streamed video
  • Radio Relay/ROIP, used to extend the reach of ground based radio networks or link different radio networks together

Example : BAE Systems in the UK selected British network router manufacturer, Vocality, to provide network routers for their ground breaking unmanned flight within UK shared airspace.

The network router, called BASICS Four Wire Router, was used to allow a pilot on the ground to interact with Air Traffic Control using aircraft radios via satellite as it made unmanned flights between Warton and Inverness.

Julian Bashford, former CEO, Vocality commented “Vocality’s routers are deployed into all types of applications in land, sea or air, but sometimes we hear of projects that are inspirational and cutting edge. We were delighted to be able to support BAE Systems with this project, which goes to show the importance of size, weight and power reduced hardware as well as bandwidth efficiency and stability in mission critical applications.”

The programme is part of ASTRAEA, and is funded in part by the Technology Strategy Board, which is sponsored by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.